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Annual Appeal

The Australian Tapestry Workshop is a small not-for-profit arts organisation. We are also an international leader in contemporary tapestry, collaborating with artists to produce exceptional handwoven works of great beauty and scale.

Donations play a vital role in the creation of tapestries, enabling a broad community to experience contemporary art. Your donation underpins the success of our mission to take accessible and inspiring art into the public sphere. Since 1976 the ATW has nurtured the relationship between artist and weaver.

Individual artists are rarely enabled to work at monumental scale. The ATW gives artists the opportunity to realise their work at the dimensions suited to public spaces, where the wider community can encounter the majesty of large-scale tapestry. It’s works like these, enriching our shared spaces, that serve to unite and inspire us.

Support Us

As an ATW collaborator your donation, no matter how small, is deeply valued. Your support nurtures the creation of meaningful tapestries.
$100 – Contributes to the high-quality locally sourced materials used in our tapestries.
$500 – Contributes to the vital sampling work that initiates each new tapestry; the process by which weavers and artists share ideas.
$1,000 – Supports a week of training for a weaving apprentice; crucial to maintaining our traditional form.
$2,000 – Supports the creation of major new tapestries with contemporary artists for public spaces.
$10,000+ – We invite you to commission a tapestry for your home or organisation and be the initiator of a unique artwork. To find out more contact CEO Sophie Travers:

How to donate to the Annual Appeal




Call the ATW on +61 3 9699 7885 during business hours and one of our friendly staff members will assist you.

For donations of $10,000 and over:

If you can make a donation of $10,000 or more, thank you! We can receive it by cheque or direct deposit. Please contact us on +61 3 9699 7885 or email to make arrangements.

Donations to the Australian Tapestry Workshop Fund of $2 and over are tax-deductible. Donations of $200+ are acknowledged on our Donor Roll. Gifts that accumulate to $10,000 and over are acknowledged in perpetuity.